Planning and development AL-Zahra (Tantawi) district

Planning and development

We have improved the area while trying to maintain it as much as possible by avoiding the removal of the largest number of buildings, where the number of open areas has been increased to design green spaces and parking places to treat cars congestion in the road.

ل المباني المزاله.jpg
Removed  Areas

Red areas were removed to provide green areas and to build a road between King Abdulaziz Road and the neighborhood center.

ل التحسين.jpg
Study of Land Use

- Many parking spaces have been allocated
- Restored schools and dilapidated educational facilities
- Allocate areas to make them green areas
-Remove medium buildings and make them interfaces.

Yellow: Residential
Orange: residential, commercial
Red: Commercial
Blue: Educational
Black: Religious

ل شبكه الطرق تحسين.jpg
 Roads analysis

Green: Expanded Roads
Blue: New Roads

Final Result